Outpatient Therapy                            

Life does not stop once a client’s ends Treatment. In knowing that recovery is not a 90 day challenge but rather a new lifestyle change, Empathic Recovery offers outpatient therapy to all clients as an aftercare support. This includes 1 to 2 individual sessions per week as well as a weekly Outpatient and Alumni group. This service is offered to all clients upon completion of Intensive Outpatient Therapy or to any client who meets the Outpatient Therapy Eligibility assessment.Type your paragraph here.

Intensive Outpatient Therapy                    

The Department of Children and Families defines Intensive Outpatient Program as a clinical program that offers a minimum of 9 hours of clinical treatment each week. Empathic Recovery offers this through three group therapy sessions, each held for three hours long.  In our group counseling session, each participant gets an opportunity to share what is troubling them, hear solutions, and make lasting connections within a supportive environment. 

Individual Counseling

In addition to the regulated 9 hours of work, we also offer individual counseling. Our individual counseling sessions are meant for those already attending our groups to further expand on the work accomplished. Our one hour sessions provide an opportunity to gain further awareness, build individualized solutions, and learn to trust themselves and others in all aspects of their new life.

Family Therapy

Empathic Recovery also believes that family plays a large part in the lives of all people. We offer to the families of the addict a safe environment to voice their fears and frustrations and to learn more about addiction and how they can help. A Family session lasts one hour and is run by a counselor with numerous years of experience in Marriage and Family Therapy. Furthermore, each month we hold a free family workshop open to the community and our clients which focuses on how to manage the difficulties brought on by a loved one dealing with addiction. You will also be able to understand the nature of the disease, how to heal as a family, and how to move forward with your life while loving those around you.Type your paragraph here.

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