About Us

From the Beginning

South Florida houses hundreds of treatment facilities with more and more additions every year. This region has been allowed to develop a network of centers which offer different levels of care that create a process for recovery. 

 Empathic Recovery started as a vision to be a place that helps people get clean and stay clean. The partners’ vision for the company is to create a safe and patient centered environment free of greed or deception. In a market where dishonest treatment can exist, Empathic strives to stand out in the community as a transparent company. In turn, Empathic Recovery holds true to the highest standards which allows it to offer the utmost care for its clientele. 

Our program                                

Our belief is to support the person help themselves through empathy and validation coupled with an honest connection. This allows trust to build and the healing process to evolve, fulfilling each person’s true destiny of being happy and usefully whole. This process is a simple three step progression of releasing old beliefs, developing new insights and facilitating continued growth to encourage long term sobriety and success. 

With this vision in mind, Empathic Recovery opened its Intensive Outpatient Therapy and its Outpatient Therapy Programs in August of 2013. 

Our goal is to not take the place of any Detox or Inpatient Facilities, but rather to partner with them as an aftercare plan. We have come alongside other organizations that share the vision of Empathic Recovery.  These organizations include halfway houses and other housing placements we offer our clients for safe living environments while attending our program.​.